Finchley Recorders

I adore recorders, and love sharing my enthusiasm for this lovely instrument with both children and adults. As well as private lessons, I run ad hoc 3-day summer recorder holiday schemes for small groups. Please contact me if interested for yourself or a child.

Currently I organise a monthly Finchley Recorder Consort group for adults to experience playing 1 or 2 a part. Again contact me if interested, as I will set up another group once there are at least 4 players.



September 2017 - Finchley Recorder Consort

Finchley Recorder Consort played in somewhat windy conditions at the National Garden Scheme Open day in Finchley.



August 2017 - beginners' jazzy recorder course

These girls were absolute beginners just 3 days previously

These beginners have Got the EBGBs alright:


August 2017 - intermediate jazzy recorder course

Their concert began with St Lewis Blues, adapted for treble recorder too

Jazzy Recorders tackling Shrimps on Tour:

Plainly Speaking - a clever pun on 4ths and 5ths of Plain song: