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Here is my blog, with photos showing how much fun my pupils have at our piano parties and soirees each year. We are also proud to have raised funds for the Noah’s Ark Hospice charity through the generosity of my pupils and their parents.

December 2023

Getting ready to party!

Pupil winter piano party

Halloween 2023

A few scary photos from lessons in the week of Halloween!

February 2023

Adult soiree

Pupil piano party (with their adult supporters)

December 2021

Adult pupil musical soiree

Due to the kind generosity of my adult pupils and parents of my younger pupils, we were able to raise £262 for Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice at our end of year gatherings.

December 2019

Thanks to all my pupils and to Finchley Recorders for their generous support for Noah’s Ark in 2019.

November 2019

We enjoyed our winter party for younger pupils.

Our adult winter soiree displayed the performers’ talents in a variety of instruments and ensembles.

October 2019

Pupils arrived in scary costumes during the week of Halloween, and enjoyed experimenting with special effects and music on an electronic keyboard.

July 2019

We loved the summer piano party for younger pupils and were able to take advantage of the weather under a gazebo in the garden.